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Who We Are

RI NOW takes action to bring women into full participation in all aspects of public and private life without experiencing barriers based on gender. We seek to create a world where all women and girls have access to comprehensive health care services, are free from violence in all forms, have achieved economic equality, have equal rights regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, and are free from racism which diminishes us all. We accomplish this in the State of Rhode Island as we successfully empower women, including ourselves, to be the difference we wish to see in the world.

2016 Annual Report

We are proud of our work this past year to advance gender equity and empower women in Rhode Island. View our annual report below.

RI NOW 2016 Report

Why I am Involved

amandacI was tired of hearing the negative rhetoric surrounding women, especially during the 2012 election cycle. I had to find an outlet for my frustration but also wanted to be a part of an organization that was working to combat issues that challenge women's equality.

- Amanda C.

Because I love working with amazing women (and men!) who share my passion for eliminating gender barriers in our society. With children of my own, I feel compelled to do everything I can to help create a world free of discrimination so that all people can be free to realize their full potential.

- Carolyn M.

Several years ago I joined RI NOW in order to connect with other feminists working toward equality and social justice for women and girls. The passion and determination of these women has kept me working hard and coming back for more.

- Laura C.

ri now 1To honor the women who fought before me and to make life better for the women of today and tomorrow. Women should be free to control our own bodies and destiny

- Shandi H.

melodyBecause sexism occurs at various points in the lives of girls and women and I believe it is essential to call out discrimination at every turn. Equality for all and nothing less.

- Melody D.

robin-cI am involved with RI NOW because I want to bring not only women but in particular minorities and low income women into full participation in all aspects of public and private life without experiencing barriers.

- Robin C.

ashleyp"As a person who cares deeply about women's rights, it can be frustrating to hear from peers that the struggle for gender equality is over and that all of the necessary progress has already been made. I am very excited to join the RI NOW board, where passionate citizens work together for social justice in a time when political action is so necessary and when there are so many battles left to be won."

- Ashley P.

unnamedI joined RINOW to participate in the fight for equality. I want to help ensure women's right are protected!

- Nicole V.