• Media Hall of Shame: ESPN, the NFL, and Domestic Violence (UPDATED)

    The NFL clearly needs to change its policies when smoking weed — which is now legal in some states — is considered twice as bad as violently assaulting a woman.

  • The Vote – A Right Worth Fighting For

    Today, August 26th marks Women's Equality Day. It is also a little more than two months from the 2014 midterm elections. In my mind, these two things are inextricably linked.

  • Sexuality, Birth Control and Hobby Lobby

    While plenty of my online nearest and dearest were just as outraged as I was, a certain kind of anti-sex positivity fueled many of the most heated posts I discovered. Behind every "Why should your boss pay for your birth control?" question, there was an implicit "Why are you even bringing up your sexuality right now? Put that away!"

  • What Does the Crisis in Ferguson Have to Do With Reproductive Justice?

    The central tenet of reproductive justice is that every woman has the right to have children, not have children, and to parent the children we have in safe and healthy environments.

  • A Full Day’s Work, a Zero Dollar Paycheck

    In 1966, Congress adopted a federal minimum wage for tipped workers, but it was only 50 percent of the minimum wage for other workers. The federal standard is just above two dollars an hour, and it has remained this low since 1991. Sounds out of this world, right? $2.13 an hour is less than 30 percent of the standard minimum wage, which is $7.25.

  • Transgender Lobby Day gives a Voice to Trans Folks and Allies

    Last fall in my hometown an agender teen named Sasha’s skirt was set on fire while they rode home on the bus. Victim of a cruel assault just because of their gender expression, Sasha suffered severe burns and was hospitalized. The bus Sasha was riding on, the 7, was the bus that I took to school every day, and Sasha went to the same high school as my older sister, who is lesbian.

  • In U.S. Border Crisis, the Rate of Unaccompanied Girls Fleeing Sexual Violence Rises

    The current crisis at the southern U.S. border has been all over the news as thousands of unaccompanied children have been apprehended. This crisis is yet another reminder of why we need comprehensive immigration reform and why immigration is a feminist issue.

  • Caregiver Credit Act Would Value Women’s Work

    The National Organization for Women has advocated for many years for policies that would value women’s unpaid caregiving work, either raising children or caring for dependent adults.

  • Social Security turns 79: celebrating nearly eight decades of support for women

    There is a simple truth that we here at the National Organization for Women understand intimately: the fight for women’s equality is not over. This Thursday, August 14th, 2014 is the 79th anniversary of Social Security and, in the face of repeated attacks on reproductive health services, continued workplace and wage discrimination, and the persistent reliance on women as guardians and caregivers, we must celebrate and protect one of the greatest pieces of legislation in the United States’ history.

  • Executive Order Could Require Federal Contractors to Cover Birth Control

    Time and again, the president has used his executive power to fight against discrimination and ensure that workers are treated fairly. Now, we want the president to make crystal clear that the U.S. government will not do business with those who discriminate against women.